The Cloud Buster

The Cloud Buster was once the fairest city on Rolluck, founded by a collection of mages practiced in a secret art they called ‘dreaming’ allowing them to see many things that others could not. The city flourished for centuries, the art of the city’s dreamers protecting their ideal of a city though born into a world of blood and wrath, resplendent and triumphant, and the first of many such cities in worlds to come. The city was named Cloud Buster for it’s gargantuan tower, the greatest construction the world had ever seen undertaken.

Until internal strife tore the city apart. One of it’s greatest, a Lord Dreamer, looked forth into nothingness and his mind and will became clouded by nihilism and a power to great to hold. Though he was bested and driven away, he instructed his loyal followers and their disciples, and waged a secret war with the city, beyond the sight of the world.

In the year 5117, the city was attacked by a great host of orcs, Lead by a man cloaked in darkness, a great horror riding his spirit like a mount. There was no aid that could be rendered, and the city fell.

It’s Dreamers put to the blade and worse, it’s libraries burned and torn down, it’s people shackled to nefarious purpose.

The City is now a haunted ruin. A portal into a world that does not exist. Corrupted orcs and it’s former people roam the broken haunted ruins, great cracks spread through the earth in all directopms, from the base of the formerly great tower, it’s peak lost in a swirling blackness. While the pounding of a great heart beats below the ground, triple beat shakiing the ground, accompanied by a a great, wet breathing.

The Cloud Buster dreams no more.

The Cloud Buster

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