Corricack Bastion

Corricack Bastion is the foremost academy of magic study in the world, and the world’s only magocracy. They take students from all over the world on proof of ability, though only the most skilled are taken without payment. Once allowed entry it is for life, and the lives of three generations of the student’s descendants, at which point they must re-apply. The Bastion is home to untold magical secrets, and more items of power are created there every year than any other area in the world, in many cases the mages of Corricack Bastion are unwilling or fickle allies, preferring their research and dreams of ascending higher in the status of their school. Of late however more mages have been seen abroad, serving in outside courts or amid armies, many make pilgrimages to sites holy to Porikin and Jariqal, the gods of magic.

Factions and ideologies divide the mages constantly, but they all agree in a hatred of the “traitors” of Blackbone Fortress.

The Bastion is controlled by the Pyrearch, a figure who is never seen but is supposedly one of the founders of the school millennia ago. Beneath him sit three Archmages who tend to the running of the school and the governance of the small city growing around it’s outer wall.

The city started as outbuildings of school servants and the merchants who tended to their needs, and has grown over many years into a thriving community. Enjoying the protection of the Bastion and the prosperity that being so close to a center of wealth and power brings.

Corricack Bastion

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