Dark Houses and deadly pools

The party recover from their tense fight with Bronn, helping to restore the city in part. Nova departs in silence, apparently stealing the First Sword when she does.

They meet Malacked, the new Sword at the Door of Knight, and Tyl Frum’s replacement. He asks them to help the people of the Heartland, who are terrorized by an ongoing series of disappearances.

Arriving in the Heartland the party are informed that many people have gone missing though there are no true suspects and no signs of foul play.

They also learn that nearby bandits have become increasingly militarized and outfitted with contraband weaponry.

Agreeing to take it upon themselves to help find the missing people they search the ruins of the Heartland, and an ancient mansion rumoured to be haunted.

Inside they find it is indeed haunted, as ghosts and monsters attack them from shadowed rooms. A harrowing encounter with a beholder zombie leaves Dyllur a pile of ash, forcing Thorin to use the last of the teeth to resurrect him. There trouble is rewarded when Thorin finds a flametongue longsword after the battle.

They earn the emnity of a vicious animated doll (though they do not know how) Which attacks at random from darkness and flees into darkness after brief battles.

Climbing through the cursed house they find evidence of it’s past life, and some clues as to what may have happened. Reaching a large room they encounter an ancient night hag, seemingly the once responsible for the ruin and desolation present. As the fight turns against her she reverts to her beautiful form, only for Melcer to strike her head from her body.

The mansion begins to shake around them as it collapses. Escaping barely they make their way through the woods. Fighting werewolves and fending off attacks from the doll.

They make it to freedom, only for Melcer to present the decapitated head of a young woman as proof of their exploits. Taken in and interrogated, they are eventually released without being charged.

Setting off for the cabin of a warlock near to Sunsdale, Thorin and Dyllur find themselves fallen into a pocket world seemingly controlled by the warlock. After a tense run to escape they are back in the cabin, where Melcer has been reading and learning very little.

Striking out to explore more ruins, they find nothing initially. Then they find an old cellar that has been turned into a large network of tunnels, which look to be inhabited. Finding none of the missing people, they move on. Next they find a derelict village with clear signs of habitation, hearing people approach, they hide, when the column of people disappears they are unable to find them.

The party journey’s to Aardglass, where thanks to Thorin’s presence they receive a heroes welcome. They are feasted and pleasured for several days, while Melcer (poorly) negotiates the price of a complicated work of smithing.

Returning to Sunsdale they find it burning, a fire of unknown origin has claimed many lives.

Following Valeen to the suspected source of the fire they find a family murdered by knife, and strange paintings in ash and blood on the walls and ceiling. Valeen is overcome with despair.

Outside a Warlock has made his presence known, blasting several knights who tried to impede him. Seeing the party he calls on them to correct their mistake in allowing this ‘darkness’ out, so that he can continue his work in peace. Threatening death and dark fire if the party doesn’t comply.

Inside Captain Valeen has taken her own life by sword.

Bion Dalith head Statesman of Sunsdale runs about like a fool in robes, panicked and stricken with despair. Tyth strikes him and assumes control of the situation, leading the Firebrand Riders of Stelan’s Watch out of the gates and into the woods surrounding the city, to fight whatever is out there, as shrieks and yells can begin to be heard and shapes move out in the darkness.

Dead City besieged

Returning to Gravesend they find it hastily repaired after the rampage of Bronn and his followers, the Waking Court ready the city for war in the event of Bronn’s return.

The party imparts what they know to Vactria Gayne, and finds homes in a now empty district of the city for themselves and their charges, Lampurr and his crew have followed as well, taking it upon themselves to help protect the Aldunai.

The party pay their first visit to the legendary Blackmouth tavern, and hear a tale of the ruin of the Cloud Buster, the Dreaming City.

They also help with the training and outfitting of the city’s defenders.

A week past their return riders are sited on the horizon. A parley is called in which the party will speak for Gravesend. Meeting Bronn himself, now swollen and grotesque with power, he offers them a chance to flee and save themselves while they can. Telling them their must be a great slaughter and that there will be no mercy or respite. Giving them three days to prepare.

Upon relaying this information to Vactria Gayne she tells them there is a weapon that could help the destroy Bronn. The First Sword.

The Party descends again into the depths of the catacombs, going deeper than ever they have before, find a strange delving of rooms filled with fire, and waterlogged bones, ghouls and haunting voices on an impossible breeze. They best two guardians, and are able to access a still deeper series of chambers. Finding the sword guarded by a seemingly immortal bearer. Upon defeating him Malcer takes up the sword, and they hurry to reach the city in time.

They make it back to the surface with few scant hours to spare. The party are assigned position above a gatehouse, and the Aldunai and Lampurr and crew elect to stand with them against Bronn’s army.

They witness the waking of the honoured dead of Gravesend, thousands of the dead marching out to defend their eternal resting place.

The Party skillfully defend their gate amidst the rain of siege weaponry against the first wave of attackers, defeating a skilled champion in combat. There is a brief respite as the bombardment continues, before a wave approaches, a familiar figure leads it, Valder the fire giant!

He has grown corpulent and sickly, as have many of the orcs that follow him, raging that they return what they have taken from him, and they have let the plague out, he fights with tremendous fury, destroying an Aldunai earthbone that aided them in their fight. Slaying Valder and his followers is costly, and the life of Nova’s bear companion Samuhell is lost.

With barely any time to recover a stinking hot wind blows toward the city, the enemy army is worked into a frenzy, Bronn himself comes.

The party fight their way through the enemy army towards him, accompanied by Lampurr and the Aldunai, the dead of the city forming a defensive line to help them push in deeper.

Recognising them, Bronn challenges them to combat, after a tense battle leaving Lampurr and Malcer gravely injured, Bronn is defeated. Begging his father to be merciful he burns away to nothing. Some of the enemy army flees and are still at large.

A friend in the heat

Malcer has fallen with Bronn, the party doesn’t know it but Malcer lies broken and dead at the base of the cliff, Bronn has survived.

Returning to the Waking Court they are met by Vactria Gayne, who is assuming military command of Gravesend following the death of Tyl Frum. She offers the party the chance to resurrect Malcer, if they will aid the city in defeating Bronn.

When the party agrees, Malcer with a start, is awakened. Finding himself alone in a strange land in the sweltering heat he tries to find shelter. Also discovering that Bronn as met with a massive army and that they are on the move.

The party travel southwards to a small port town to hire a ship to cross into the Redlands, where Malcer’s body lies. Finding a bar owning sea captain they enlist his aid and the aid of his vessel the ‘Lonesome Bride’ crossing into the Redlands they are guided by an enchanted ring Vactria Gayne imparted on them to find Malcer. Searching the desert they finally find him sun maddened, taking him back to a small village, they determine that if the demon will not claim the Diadem then they shall use it. It is beyond the means of Dyllur’s artificing alone to repair it and they strike a deal with a black cloaked stranger to help them repair it. In return Dyllur must ‘feed souls’ to an egg like rock the stranger provides him.

When the diadem is repaired, Dyllur begins testing it, determining it is indeed a powerful artifact but also dangerous to the user.

The following day they are approached by an elder of the village, who pleads with the party to take his people back to Gravesend and safety. The party agrees. At the dock they convince Lampurr, the captain of their ship to allow some of the refugees aboard. The other villagers are packing their small fishing boats with their belongings and readying to leave.

The party is approached by a young woman named Gaela who says she will lead her people the Aldunai now that her father and brothers go to impede the progress of Bronn and his army. She invites them to an event that night, before they leave on the morrow.

The party attends a ceremony where all but Thorin imbibe a potent drink and experience strange visions and portents, falling unconscious they dream of strange and terrible things. Thorin alone who did not drink sees that everything they saw was true. He does not mention this to his companions.

The party awakens on their ship, Lampurr and the Aldunai both ready to be off. Midway back to land they witness first hand the effect leaving their land has upon the Aldunai, and a brief history of her people is delivered by Gaela. They have made it back to the mainland.

The Son of War

The party journey’s throughout a Gravesend driven mad with bloodlust, as buildings burn and the cities’ defenders fight a running battle through the streets.

Parading themselves as fellow cultists they manage to gain audience with Bronn, who demands a test of loyalty to their cause of strife and bloodshed, the party burns down a Red Collar chapterhouse, killing Boris the Bright in the process.

The party is caught in a running battle through the streets as the Red Collars and Peacekeepers try desperately to stop the now rampaging followers of Bronn, the party finds Bronn in a street crowded with battle and tries desperately to reach him as Tyl Frum engages him in single combat. Tyl Frum dies as the party watches on.

Redoubling their efforts they hack and slash their way through the streets, then take to the rooftops to find follow him. Nova’s keen senses allow them to track him to a sewer entrance that connects to the catacombs.

They meet as forlorn Dracolich Bronn attacked, and convince it to let them pass without violence.

Tracking Bronn deeper and deeper into the city they find a stone city, silent and empty. They encounter a strange well of glowing blue liquid, surrounded by a surreal aura and hushed voices. At the urging of his comrades, Malcer drinks from it.

Pursing Bronn to a great cliff overlooking the city they see he already has the gauntlet and is beating it upon a great bell, it’s tolling echoing in the vast cavern above the empty city.

Engaging Bronn in combat the party are hard pressed, but begin to gain the upper hand. Seeing he is in danger Bronn opens a portal to a distant desert and walks out onto a cliff through a portal. Malcer, seeing his opportunity and throwing caution to the wind follows him and tackles him off the cliff. The party can only watch on as they both fall away and the portal closes.

The Return to Gravesend

Beginning the journey back to Gravesend with all the pieces of the Diadem in their possession,
the party encounter log trains of people from all over the world making their way to Gravesend, according to them there is a great tournament soon to take place.

As they enter the great cemetery fields surrounding the city they see a great construction has begun taking place, a massive arena being built, with hundreds labouring on it.

Entering the city they learn that the tournement, called the ‘Death Waker Rites’ is set to take place in a few weeks time, and that warriors and champions from all over the world are arriving daily to participate.

Taking on some contracts from the Red Collars to quell disturbances and civil unrest in the city they learn of a gang that is quickly becoming a cult, starting fights and vandalizing buildings with a painted red hand.

As tensions rise in the city the violence escalates with several brawls degenerating into brutal killings.

Finally the tournament starts, Malcer Keth is handily beaten by the champion of Gravesend, the Warforged Boris the Bright, Dyllur brutally dispatches a farm boy with dreams of greatness. Thorin defeats a Wilder chieftan and a Heartland footsoldier.

The final match of the day is between a hulking goliath named Bronn his armour decorated in the red gauntlet of the rabble rousers causing trouble throughout the city, and a farmboy in scavenged armour, Tarl. Bronn makes a mockery of the boy, brutally beating him and berating the city for calling the Death Waker Rites a tournament of champions, before coldly executing Tarl. Bronn calls to the people and assembled warriors to rise up and reclaim positions of strength and power from rulers that shackle them.

That night there is violent rioting and looting in the city, as parts of the city burn the party are summoned with great urgency by Tyl Frum, who asks them to do whatever is necessary to find out what is going on and try to stop it.

Chasing Giants

The party sets out with a rough map provided by the demon Xzz’kal seek out the first giant, a dim witted hill giant named Grull, who has surrounded himself with a loyal following of goblin slaves thanks to the power of his piece of the diadem, has set up a dominion of felled trees and mud walls. As the party ventures deeper into the woods they are beset by screeching goblins on all sides, fighting off their attackers they press deeper, finding Grull a tense battle is engaged in which Malcer Keth the parties’ half-orc Warrior is nearly killed. They manage to retrieve the piece of the Diadem and make ready to chase the next piece, guarded by the Ice Giantess Jotunrr.

Journeying northward to the icebound cliffs off the coast of the Frostlocked Sea. They explore icy barren caves until finally finding Jotunrr in a a cave decorated with detailed ice carvings of her life. She seems almost sad, before the party attacks.

The battle his harrowing, Dyllur’s mechanical companion Al Gore is destroyed by the Giantesses’ thunderous blows, and almost slaying Nova’s bear. Malcer Keth is forced to draw upon deep reserves of Orcish fortitude to survive the giantesses’ onslaught. When Jotunrr is defeated Nova deciphers the Giant speech accompanying the carvings. It tells the tale of Jotunrr’s life as a raider and reaver, and a tale of the rivers of blood she spilled, until she grew sick of her life of violence and retreated into self imposed exile to atone for her crimes.

The party readies themselves to seek the last piece of the Diadem, held by the fire giant Valder. The journey is of several weeks but uneventful, approaching the location where they expect to find him they instead find fleeing refugees and burning villages. Valder and a small force of bandits and orcs have been ransacking the area, taking up residence in an abandoned fortress some miles away.

Approaching in darkness they manage to evade the patrols of the wall, coming to a sewer exit they can use to enter the fortress they are attacked by an orog guarding the gate.
As the orog attempts to call for help quick thinking by Thorin and a timely casting of the ‘silence’ prevent his attempts to call for aid. After the party has dispatched the Orog they journey into the fortress.

Coming to the great hall they find Valder slumbering on a throne of hodgepodge metal and dozens of orcs sleeping in various tents and bedrolls throughout the room. Dozens of fires burn low. Carefully Thorin shadowsteps his way across the room while the party waits at the sewer access nervously, reaching the sleeping Valder. Reaching out and taking the diadem piece that Valder has forged into an iron crown.

Valder awakens, picking Thorin up by the leg he rouses the warband, he proclaims Thorin is a challenger as the orcs being to chant and holler. Taking Thorin to a pit hacked into the ground of fortress he is dropped inside as a large heavily armoured orc approaches. With a roar the orc jumps down into the bit and Thorin is fighting for his life. When it becomes clear he has no hope of defeating the orc alone Malcer Keth runs to the edge of the pit, his high hood raised, Thorin shadowsteps to the relative safety of it’s confines and they are running, the orcs at their tail.

The party quickly flees back through the sewer and to the relative safety of a small grove of trees while the warband searches for them. Thinking quickly Nova uses her woodcraft and skills as a tracker to mask their flight, as they run through the night.

Many hours later as the party finally sets down to rest, Thorin reveals he managed to hang on to the piece. They attempt to contact Xzz’kal using the skull, but fail.

Since they cannot reach the demon the party decides to head back to Gravesend.

To Gravesend

The party are sent by the Councilman of Aardglass to Gravesend, the great Dead City, as people go missing in the catacombs and parties sent to find them do not return.

Upon arrival at the massive grave city they are greeted by Tyl Frum, an onstentatious, dramatic man, who gifts them a bag of holding and several potions for even daring the attempt into the catacombs. Lead by him to the nearest entrance they can figure as the location, the party descends into the darkness beneath the city.

Almost immediately they are are beset by a ghostly voice, challenging them to riddles, with dangerous repercussions should they fail. One by one the party passes these tests, and with them passes deeper into the catacombs. Finally they are confronted with a great humanoid skull of unknown origin, from which the voice seems to be emanating. Upon touching the skull Thorin is charmed, and the skull pulls them into an empty town, full of whispers and things moving in the corners of their eyes.

exploring they town they find floating pages of a treatise that seemed to be written about the place they are currently in, by a previous visitor. Going deeper they find crazed goblins eating the corpses of horses without an apparent cause of death. Deeper still they find a moon worshipping barbarian who carries a powerful spear, the Gae Bolg, upon defeating him Thorin takes up this weapon.

Eventually the find a great earthen stair leading down into a dark pit, the bodies of hundreds of people dead but not rotting inside. They also find a mighty demon, Xzz’kal, who binds the party by a demonic brand into a quest to find three pieces that make up a diadem, each being held by a giant. He reveals he lured the party here using the skull, and will use it to keep an eye on them. Threatening grave consequences of the party reneges on their oath, they leave the haunted place and return to Gravesend, Tyl Frum rewards them handsomely for their service and their bravery.

The party also joins the ranks of the Red Collars, a mercenary guild, and performs some small contracts for them, including catching a vicious orc leading a gang of sewer dwelling cannibals.

At the urging of the demon the party prepares to undertake the quest to retrieve the pieces of the diadem from the giants.

The Beginning

The party are called together as a newly acquainted band of adventurers-Thorin Brewmaster the Dwarf monk, Dyllur Wasabi the human artificer, Nova the Wood Elf ranger and her bear Samuhell, and Morren Brack the Human Cleric of Sengal

-in the Heartland town of Aardglass, which is beset by deformed and mutated goblins. After running awry of local authorities in their attempts to learn the truth, they are approached by an uncorrupted goblin who offers them a deal, seeking to remove the mutated goblins from among his own people.

With some wariness the party agrees, being led to a a horrifying altar to a dark goddess, the walls and floor made of flesh. The altar is protected by a large suit of armour moving without an occupant, after a hard fought battle the armour is defeated and the altar destroyed.

Upon returning to Aardglass they find the city under attack by the mutated goblins.

While Thorin and Dyllur lead the people they can find to safety and clear them a path through the goblins, Morren and Nova go to liberate some of the townspeople trapped in the mausoleum by a gang of goblins, upon getting there and slaying the goblins there is a rumbling in the earth as a gigantic spider breaks the mausoleum floor and begins to pull itself out of the ground, Morren and Nova manage to evacuate the mausoleum and bring the building down atop the monster, slaying it.

While elsewhere Dyllur and Thorin successfully lead the other townspeople to safety. The town is saved!

The heroes of the town are awarded a fine estate to live in and the everlasting gratitude of the people of Aardglass.

Unfortunately this newly minted band could not stay together, as Morren Brack leaves to persue the plans of his god.

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